Highlights of the Steelband Music Festival of 1966

From the Trinidad & Tobago Music Festival Vol. III "Finals" The flawless performances of intricate classical pieces at The Steelband Music Festival of 1966 proclaimed beyond a doubt that the steelband had arrived on the world music scene as a complete musical orchestra, capable of interpreting any type of music, including the music of the … Continue reading Highlights of the Steelband Music Festival of 1966

Shadow, Kitchener and the License to Leggo! | Shadowlingo

Part of this essay was previously presented at the Trinidad and Tobago Folk Arts Institute’s symposium on Lord Kitchener at Medgar Evers College (City University of New York), January, 2009.   Calypso-Happy A United Nations survey published in 2013 found Trinbagonians to be the happiest people in the Caribbean.[i] The findings attributed this feeling of… … Continue reading Shadow, Kitchener and the License to Leggo! | Shadowlingo

A link to Pan Trinbago’ website

PanTrinbago is a cultural organization which was incorporated by Act of Parliament, 5 of 1986. It formerly operated and was registered as a Union representing the interest of steelpan players. The general membership of the steelband Movement decided that it would better serve their interests in the development and promotion of the steelband, to become … Continue reading A link to Pan Trinbago’ website

Panorama arrangements, Then and Now.

Listening to those classic panorama tunes of yesteryear by Solo Harmonites , Desperadoes , All Stars  and others set me thinking. There have been significant changes in the style of panorama music and arrangements over the decades , and  after some thought, I've drawn a couple conclusions Feel free to agree or disagree. My first … Continue reading Panorama arrangements, Then and Now.