There are a lot of crazy conspiracy theories masquerading as legitimate information circulating on social media nowadays. You know the ones, lately they're about plots including , 5g technology , COVID-19 Bill Gates, Big Pharma (though I'm no apologist for them) , now Dr. Fauci., and numerous others. A lot of this stuff is put … Continue reading CONSPIRACY THEORIES AND SOCIAL MEDIA.

Pan in Danger by Merchant

When we old timers talk of the greatness of calypso music from the latter third or so of the last century , we're sometimes accused of being nostalgic.However, that isn't the case . Much of the popular music of that bygone era were well crafted lyrically and musically , with outstanding accompaniment, arranged by the … Continue reading Pan in Danger by Merchant

A Fire in Babylon

The fine documentary “ Fire in Babylon” tells the story of the West Indian cricket team tour of England in 1976.South African born English batsman Tony Grieg promised on television to make the West Indians “grovel”.Whether or not he meant it, the West Indians took it as demeaning and racist, and showed their anger in … Continue reading A Fire in Babylon

Panorama Skills on the Home Front? No!

In Uncle Sam’s Concrete Jungle by panist and Vietnam veteran Dalton Narine  Remembering Vietnam Buddies under Fire When World War II began, the Venezuelan military was badly in need of modernization, and the United States was eager to help in return for Venezuela’s support in the war. My grandfather, Federico Gonzales, volunteered and headed straight … Continue reading Panorama Skills on the Home Front? No!


From Buddhist to Warrior Fighting for Family                          By Dalton J. Narine (decorated Vietnam veteran)                 A heartrending story so painful you cannot bring yourself to put it down! ARVN (Army of the Republic of Viet Nam) soldiers in 1968   The AK-47 round that Nam Van Nguyen took in the leg wasn’t by happenstance. … Continue reading AMERICA REMEMBERS

“in memoriam: tony” by Bruce Paddington — Repeating Islands

I knew Tony Hall as a boy.His father taught me at Naparima College in San Fernando , and I remember him as a student a couple years behind me at high school.Unfortunately ,I was never fortunate to re-connect with him as an adult , but I've been extremely proud of his accomplishments as a renowned artist, playwright … Continue reading “in memoriam: tony” by Bruce Paddington — Repeating Islands

Highlights of the Steelband Music Festival of 1966

From the Trinidad & Tobago Music Festival Vol. III "Finals" The flawless performances of intricate classical pieces at The Steelband Music Festival of 1966 proclaimed beyond a doubt that the steelband had arrived on the world music scene as a complete musical orchestra, capable of interpreting any type of music, including the music of the … Continue reading Highlights of the Steelband Music Festival of 1966

Kaiso to Soca: a brief history of Calypso music — Zócalo Poets

CALYPSO: a Brief History by Philip W. Scher . . . CALYPSO is a style of Caribbean music associated with the nation of Trinidad, and is linked to the annual celebration of the pre-Lenten Carnival. The music, as well as the name itself, has a myriad of roots, and although there is no general agreement […]Kaiso … Continue reading Kaiso to Soca: a brief history of Calypso music — Zócalo Poets