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My dear friends ,as you may have noticed , most of my recent posts have been links that redirect to my blog.
There is a reason for that.
Since most of my posts are about my Trinidadian arts and culture , I find that the blog gives me more freedom to express myself , since I can edit my blog more effectively than I can on social media, and make it’s content more enjoyable.
You would notice that I use videos and photos much more in my blog , in a way that I cannot do on social media.
So , even if the post is something that was on Facebook in the past , the blog version would be different and hopefully more entertaining and informative.
And , the blog is a work in progress , so feel free to check it out at any time , since I will try to update and add to it as often as possible.
And by the way the purpose of the blog is purely in support of our culture , and to occasionally share my thoughts and ideas.
There is no financial incentive involved.
So far , my efforts to promote and inform about the culture have been well received , and I do appreciate that.
Thank you , my friends.

Welcome to my culture and entertainment blog

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    I would never argue about religion especially since I think religious beliefs are personal, but I do believe that most religions are a combination of mythology, history, folklore and prevailing cultural biases of the era when these beliefs originated.And I’m specifically speaking about the Abrahamic religions, the ones with which I’m familiar . However I… Read more

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    May 16, 2021 by

    Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of vintage calypso music, and a thought occurred to me. When we speak of the future of the art-form we should also address the music we play, it’s quality, and the most suitable music genre that the steelband can call it’s own. We have an incredible catalogue of… Read more

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