I consider this another classic panorama performance by a legendary panorama band.

From Panorama 1969 , the greatness of arranger Earl Rodney, and the power of Solo Harmonites in full display with this rocking version of Sparrow’s. “Bongo”.

Another impactful steelband of the nineteen sixties was the Solo Harmonites Steel Orchestra. This was a big band that brought half the savannah down the ‘drag” with them on many occasions, with their powerful sound and splendid arrangements from their great arranger Earl Rodney.
A large band that filled the entire savannah track coming down the drag, this was one of the first to feature colorful canopies over their pans and was a most impressive presentation of sight and sound.

Their 1968 winning presentation of Lord Kitchener’s “The Wrecker” was the highlight of Panorama ’68 and one of my all time favorite Panorama performances, and though not the winner, Earl Rodney’s 1969 arrangement of Sparrows ” Bongo” was just as impressive.

This live performance from the semifinals of Panorama 1969 gives a sample of Solo Harmonite’s big time sound from back then.
Here, live from the 1969 Panorama at Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, is The Solo Harmonites Steel Orchestra with Earl Rodney’s arrangement of The Mighty Sparrow’s “Bongo”

Solo Harmonites- Sparrow’s “Bongo

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