To Believe (in God) or not.That is the Question!

Normally I prefer to keep my spiritual thoughts private, but often I see posts on social media ridiculing some of us who believe in a God as Creator of the universe.
Admittedly, some of us , especially some of those who call themselves “evangelical Christian’s” make utterances on social media and elsewhere that make us believers look silly .
However I don’t think that they represent most of us, so I felt the need to express some thoughts about spirituality that wasn’t necessarily about religion.

One can choose to believe in the Creator ((God) based on an analysis and perspective on one’s observations, experiences and environment.
One can also believe in the scientific explanation of the creation of the universe ( and I do) and also believe in a supreme being (God) that was responsible for this event.
After all, who knows what created the spark that started the Big Bang?
The universe could just as likely have been created by a powerful sentient being, as to have created itself.
That creative Force would have exhibited Godlike power!

I happen to believe in the Creator (God) and the Christ as his messenger, based on the beauty of his story and soundness of his message .

However I do realize that whatever stories we’ve been told in the Bible about God and creation came from human sources, some of it passed down as myth and legends over centuries.
Therefore arguing over the literacy of these legends even when they’re presented in the holiest of books prove nothing.
The wonders and orderliness of the universe convinces me that the creation of it is not a random event, and is enough proof for me that the Creator has to be sentient and of awesome power.

All the other stuff of creation in Genesis, about the Garden the talking snake etc, is of less importance, to me at least.
Many of these biblical stories were told to specific people in a certain time based on familiar and current events, and though fundamentalists disagree, may not be relevant today except as allegories or in some instances parables.
But I am who I am, and to me it’s a binary choice; either there was/ is a Creator or not.
I choose to believe in a Creator, but no one has to.
That’s another of the Creator’s gifts.
Freedom of choice!

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