THE STEELBAND- Sight and Sound

Many of us may not realize the critical nature of accurate sound reproduction, to the understanding and appreciation of orchestral music when played by the steelband. This is even more applicable to people relatively unfamiliar with the steelband , it's culture , its makeup, and the different tonal qualities among the pans. With any complex … Continue reading THE STEELBAND- Sight and Sound

Soca ,Music videos and the steelband panorama

I still maintain that modern soca music, while quite enjoyable as party music is not quite suited to bring out the real sweetness of the pan , leaving it up to the arrangers to almost perform musical miracles to create a pleasing panorama performance. Having said that, I must compliment the soca artists of today … Continue reading Soca ,Music videos and the steelband panorama

On the subject of “pan tunes”

On the subject of "pan tunes", one should be aware of some cultural history. In the days when steelbands were on the streets and determined the road march, most calypsonians composed pan friendly calypsos - "pan tunes" - to vie for the road march prize. The modern (post World War II ) calypso era came … Continue reading On the subject of “pan tunes”

Its All About the Music !

It began in the 1950's, when a foreign tune called "The Happy Wanderer " won the road march in Trinidad.Instead of using the opportunity to inspire our artists to work harder at being competitive, in response we banned foreign competition for the Road March.Over the years , whenever our artists were challenged by foreigners , … Continue reading Its All About the Music !

Andrew Marcano . The Lord Superior , has passed.

Another veteran calypsonian has passed.   Andrew Marcano , The Lord Superior was another of our calypso legends.   Hailing from Rio Claro in Trinidad , he was a two time winner of the South Calypso crown , and a finalist ( forth place ) in the National competition.   "Supie" was one of our … Continue reading Andrew Marcano . The Lord Superior , has passed.

A gathering of Calypso Kings

A once in a lifetime gathering of Calypso Kings of the past occurred at Dimanche Gras , Carnival 1988, when they gathered together to honor the first calypso Monarch, the Growling Tiger , the Calypso King of 1939. Among the artists featured were The Mght Duke (Kelvin Pope) , The Mighty Sparrow ( Slinger Francisco … Continue reading A gathering of Calypso Kings

Remembering Owen “Tan Man ” Horsford

"Tan Man " Horsford - A true Trini "mas-man" Speaking to an old friend recently brought to mind another old friend  , who passed away several years ago.Owen "Tan-Man" Horsford was a fixture in Marabella in the sixties and seventies, and a lifelong member of the Southern Marines Steelband family.After a long struggle with prostate … Continue reading Remembering Owen “Tan Man ” Horsford