Decision Making at Pan Trinbago

Pan Trinbago is Trinidad and Tobago’s steelpan governing body

OK folks , time for a reality check

.Pan Trinbago doesn’t have to listen to anyone carping on social media.

Oh , I’m sure they’re quite aware of what’s being said to a certain extent , but they don’t have to listen.

Because Pan Trinbago is a corporation made up of STEELBANDS , not of their players (who are non-voting associate members), or of pan people.

Pan Trinbago has an elected leadership , voted in by delegates who represent the steelbands, and I assume they represent the wishes of the leadership and (hopefully) members of those steelbands.

Pan players have as much influence over Pan Trinbago as you do via your locally elected representative in your community.

Your band’s delegate would be, to a certain extent, similar to that representative.Major issues , such as moving the Medium Band category finals to Tobago, or beginning Panorama in November as examples , are proposed and voted on by the representatives of the steelbands ( the delegates) and adopted if it meets the criteria for passing those proposals.

Obviously , the two previously mentioned examples were voted on and agreed upon by a majority of the steelbands representatives.Therefore , unless the delegates are “ rebels” , these decisions have actually been made by the steelbands , via the delegates.

So expecting the corporation Pan Trinbago to respond to postings on social media is futile.

They will respond to the will of the steelbands as expressed by their delegates when they vote.

If players disagree with these decisions , their band’s leadership and delegates should be challenged.

That would be far more effective that ranting and raving at Pan Trinbago and its (elected) leadership on social media.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong , but that’s the way I see it.

You may chose to argue if you wish , but , as they say, “It is what it is”.


It’s simple really.
The power in Pan Trinbago comes from the steelband delegates.
They are the “kingmakers “, who elect the leadership and vote on issues.
Instead of all kinds of unrealistic options like forming a players union, players, especially senior players and stage side members have to get involved in selecting delegates and making sure those delegates follow the dictates of the bands and players they represent.
Don’t steelbands have band meetings anymore?
Making sure that the right people represent your band and your views as delegates would be far more effective than anything you can do on social media.
But of course that means you have to GET INVOLVED!

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