My Top 10 Trinidad All Stars Panorama Performances

Love to my All Stars people from a Sando man , with a special nod to arranger Leon” Smooth” Edwards

This is a salute to my favorite steelband, Trinidad All Stars,

Now , I’m not saying that these are their best arrangements or even best performances. I’m just selecting them as my favorite performances. And I’m only saying that on this day this is how I rank my favorites. However , who knows? Once we get past number three , the list is subject to change on a different day .

For me , there’s something special about my first selection, After (Super Blue ) Blue Boy’s “Rebecca” in 1983, this performance by Trinidad All Stars of the Mighty Sparrow’s “Doh Back Back ” at the Panorama Finals of 1984 cemented All Stars as my favorite Trinidad steel orchestra , and the great Leon Edwards ( Smooth) as my all time favorite panorama arranger .

Trinidad All Stars “Doh Back Back” arr. by Leon “Smooth” Edwards (1984)

My second choice is David Rudder’s “The Hammer” from 1986.

“We all knew that Desperadoes would go all out in honor of their fallen leader, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. They had a fine performance that night.

But the night belonged to Leon “Smooth” Edwards and Trinidad All Stars.

Smooth’s arrangement of “The Hammer”, and the performance by All Stars outclassed everyone else, and was the obvious winner that night.”

Trinidad All stars “The Hammer” arr. by “Smooth”

Smooth’s take on the Mighty Trini’s Curry Tabanka” was always a favorite , and the modified, winning version for the International Panorama Championships of 2017 was even sweeter.

This would be my third selection.

My fourth pick is one everyone acknowledges as one of their most popular panorama classics.

All Star’s 1980 winning Panorama presentation of Scrunter’s “Woman on the Bass” is performed here at the Panorama Champions of the 20th Century concert.

Trinidad All Stars – Woman On The Bass

At number five , I thought this one was pure magic , with Smooth making a masterpiece out of a relatively simple tune.

Edwin Aleong’s (Crazy) hit calypso from 1985 , ” Suck meh , Soucouyant”.

I loved the soucouyant so much I had a hard time placing it lower than five.

However , Smooth did such an outstanding job with what I consider the best , most exciting arrangement of a modern soca tune , that I also couldn’t place it any lower, so let’s call it a tie at number five with The Ultimate Rejects “Full Extreme” and “Soucouyant”

At number six (violating the rule of the tie) is another favorite.

This one is an arrangement of a calypso paying tribute to Trinidad’s National Soccer Team, and I will always remember it’s sweet sounds warming me up in my car on a cold winter’s morning commute to work,


At number seven is another classic panorama winner.

From Panorama 1981, here is Trinidad All Stars performance of Blueboy’s “Unknown Band” .

Another outstanding arrangement by Leon “Smooth” Edwards.

Catelli Trinidad All Stars – Unknown Band (1981)

At number eight is the Panorama entry for 1993 , David Rudder’s “Dus(t) in dey Face”.

All Stars placed third in the finals.

An arrangement by Eddie Quarles and Anthony Guerra .

David Rudder’s “Dus in Dey Face” arranged by Eddie Quarles and Anthony Guerra

Number Nine is special.

I always liked Trinidad All Stars , but they became my band in 1983 , as I went across the stage with them at prelims.

I know that “Rebecca by “the other band” is considered the classic , but I’ll always have a special feel for this one.


At number Ten , arranged by “Smooth”, let’s just say “Pan in yuh ruckungkertungcung”.


Trinidad All Stars “Pan in Yuh Ruckungkertung” (Panorama Finals 1988)

This one deserves a special mention , since I was stageside on Finals night , and totally enjoyed the performance in 2000,


And special bonuses you may like


And, on the drag in 1985…

This post is dedicated to Mr. Neville Jules , Mr. Trinidad All Stars

One thought on “My Top 10 Trinidad All Stars Panorama Performances

  1. I know it is very difficult for anyone to select the No 1 top tune from All Stars music through the years, far more to select the top ten, you did very well my brother and there still remain more top tens from the Mighty Trinidad All Stars music, well done.


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