Memories of Larry (Bird)

Because of my job coming out of the army,I moved to New England in the mid seventies , in time to enjoy the entire Larry Bird career.
I was working in the data area at the New Boston Satellite Tracking Station in New Hampshire , and most of what we did was highly classified, but in brief our mission was to track and command US Military satellites.
One of our Preventative Maintenance procedures (PMs) was to verify the accuracy of the station time , since obviously sending commands to satellites orbiting in space was time critical.
Installed in a rack in the telemetry area was an 8 inch black and white TV set , and we used the timing of the TV signals – the time difference between the horizontal and vertical scan -to verify the accuracy of our station time.
Whenever possible , I would go over to the TM area during games , supposedly doing the PM , but watching as much of the game broadcast as I could.
I worked the second shift at the time , but the VCR was newly invented so I was able to record all the game broadcasts.
I think I saw just about every televised basketball game that Bird played , and I can assure you he was ONE HELL of a PLAYER !
In a way he was similar to Tom Brady ,the New England quarterback , in that you always expected him to pull off a last minute miracle in tight games.

Whenever I see modern young players ( like Luka Doncic, for example) compared to Larry Legend I have to remind everyone of the unprecedented impact he had on the Celtics and indeed on the league in the late seventies.

In the 1978-79 season, the Celtics had 29 wins , second worse in the league.

Their only bright spot was a promising young rookie, Cedric Maxwell.

Joining the team for the 1979-80 season , Bird averaged 21.3 PPG and 10.4 RPG in his rookie year, helping to lead the Celtics to a 61-21 record.

The 61 wins were 32 more than the Celtics accumulated during the prior season, and an historic team turnaround.

One season later, Bird put up 21.2 PPG, 10.9 RPG and 5.5 APG and helped Boston win its first NBA championship since 1976.

Bird brought basketball excitement back to New England, and made it fun to be a Celtics fan once again.

Whenever I think of the greatest Basketball players of all time, I always think Wilt , Russell , Kareem, Magic , Michael and Bird.( By now we could probably add Lebron to the list).

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