God, Science, Creation, and the Universe

I would never argue about religion especially since I think religious beliefs are personal, but I do believe that most religions are a combination of mythology, history, folklore and prevailing cultural and political biases of the era when these beliefs originated.
And I’m specifically speaking about the Abrahamic religions, the ones with which I’m familiar , though there are others.

However I do believe in a Creator, a Supreme Being, the one many see as God, and I’ll explain why.

According to the standard Big Bang Theory model accepted by science , the universe was born during a period of inflation that began about 13.8 billion years ago. Like a rapidly expanding balloon, it swelled from a size smaller than an electron to nearly its current size within a tiny fraction of a second.
My question remains:
What happened before the Big Bang?

According to some models of the Big Bang theory, something called an Initial Singularity is predicted to have existed before the Big Bang and is thought to have contained all the energy and spacetime of the Universe.

The instant immediately following the initial singularity is part of the Planck epoch, the earliest period of time in the history of the universe.

While I accept the science of the Big Bang Theory, I find this concept of the Initial Singularity no more credible than a believe in a creative force, so it’s a binary choice; either the universe was created, or it occurred spontaneously out of chaos and the Initial Singularity.

Because of the orderliness of the universe and of all creation, of science, the miracle of the human mind etc , I believe that a sentient creative force (existed) exists .
That would be God or at least a Godlike force or entity .

Some may consider this the supernatural, but I find this thought as valid as the theory of the Initial Singularity or any other scientific hypotheses about what occurred before the birth of the universe.

There are many things I don’t understand about our relationship to the Creator.
I was raised in the Christian tradition and I accept the Christ as the Creator’s messenger because of the purity and wisdom of his teachings .
Unlike many Christians, however I do not believe Christianity is the only way of communion with the Creator.

Regarding the trappings of religion, it’s dogma, superstitions and myths, including discussions about divinity , biblical descriptions of creation etc., I find them irrelevant to my believe system, although a Creator of unlimited power makes anything possible, including the miracles of the Christ, and our ability to communicate with the Creator by prayer and meditation. After all, man invented the cell phone, didn’t he?😊

One of the questions asked by many is , if there’s a Creator of such magnitude and power, why does he allow poverty, suffering sickness etc?

In my opinion this is because one of his gifts to humankind is that of choice; choice of our actions singularly and collectively and even whether or not we believe in his existence . And we must live with the choices we make and their results, including their effect on humanity and on our environment.

Our faith in a Creator remains optional, not purchased by a perfect creation.

So those are my beliefs in a nutshell.
Since no one really knows, I think my thoughts are as valid as anyone else’s.

4 thoughts on “God, Science, Creation, and the Universe

  1. Your views and mine are basically the same. However, all concepts of a creator, past and present are, and have always been products of the human mind. And the have always anthropomorphic. I don’t believe that “GOD” has any need or requirement to be worshipped (like the Donald). And morality is not what God wants or does not want. It is the natural requirement of civil society. Yet if religion were to be put on trial, it would be found guilty of many crimes. Our modern sense of right and wrong is the product of societal evolution, driven by humanism, rather than a by a ny imaginary devine revelation.


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