Pan Night And Day

“Pan night and day “ is one of Lord Kitchener’s best, most musical steelpan related calypsos.

Indeed, in 1985 it featured at panorama in an unusual tie for first place between Desperadoes and Renegades.

However, even as far back as 1985, The Grand Master was concerned about the absence of the steelband from the streets at Carnival, and he powerfully expressed his thoughts in this calypso.

We’re all familiar with the music, but I wonder, how many people have really listened to the lyrics?

Pan Night And Day by Lord Kitchener

As we all know, the classic “Pan in A Minor” is considered a standard for pan players around the world, almost a test piece.

Well , I happen to think that “Night and Day” is just as good. The first time I heard it was on pan ans I immediately recognized it as a classic.

No wonder famed arrangers Beverley Griffith, Robbie Greenidge of Desperadoes and Jit Samaroo of Renegades recognized its potential as a panorama winner, which it did as both bands tied for first place in the Panorama competition of 1985.

The sweet melody gave a great platform on which the arrangers could create without having to resort to unnecessary frills , bells and whistles.

Here is Jit Samaroo’s arrangement for Renegades as performed at 1985 Panorama Finals.

Lord Kitchener’s “Pan Night And Day” by Renegades Steel Orchestra 

In 1985 Desperadoes and Renegades were joint Panorama winners with both bands playing the same tune, Kitch’s “Pan Night and Day”. Here is Desperadoes version which was arranged by Beverly Griffith and Robert Greenidge..

Desperadoes version of “Pan Night and Day” arranged by Beverly Griffith and Robert Greenidge.

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