There are a lot of crazy conspiracy theories masquerading as legitimate information circulating on social media nowadays.

You know the ones, lately they’re about plots including , 5g technology , COVID-19 Bill Gates, Big Pharma (though I’m no apologist for them) , now Dr. Fauci., and numerous others.

A lot of this stuff is put out by conspiracy theorists of the far right and far left , and include the anti-vaxxers.

Some of this is even being spread by the Conspiracy-Theorist in Chief , Donald Trump.

And this stuff is consumed and believed by many who should know better; for instance many seem to have forgotten diseases that have been virtually eliminated by vaccines.As a memory refresher , a short list would include diseases like



Chicken Pox


Whooping Cough

I happen to be old enough to remember these diseases.

Far be it for me to tell anyone what to believe, but I would strongly recommend that before re-posting these unsubstantiated rumors as fact , you do your own research from credible sources.

Reputable sources to me are medical journals from established institutions, newspapers and magazines that stand on reputations gained after decades of credible publishing, and of course the local public (or virtual ) library .

An intelligent use of search engines such as Google and Yahoo can be invaluable aids in acquiring accurate information.

Just because someone espouses an opinion with which you agree doesn’t make for a credible source , be it a blogger , political hack or someone with an axe to grind.

The social media post may appear attractive and legitimate, and seem like an item from a news journal, but that doesn’t make it credible , so take a moment to verify the credentials of the writer.

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