Pan in Danger by Merchant

When we old timers talk of the greatness of calypso music from the latter third or so of the last century , we’re sometimes accused of being nostalgic.However, that isn’t the case .

Much of the popular music of that bygone era were well crafted lyrically and musically , with outstanding accompaniment, arranged by the best arrangers of the day , or indeed of any era.

This music wasn’t disposable like fast food , meant to be a quick party hit and soon forgotten.This music had “legs” , and as you listen it’s obvious that these tunes have stood the test of time.”Pan in Danger” by the great Merchant is a great example.

Apart from the intelligent and highly relevant lyrics , this is an outstanding piece of calypso music , and a great example of the quality of music available for panorama arrangers to work with.

Here from 1985 is The Merchant , and “Pan in Danger”, arranged by another great Mr. Leston Paul.

Dennis Franklyn Williams, aka Merchant died in 1999 , another talented artist who left us way too soon.

Rest in Peace , Merchant.


Here is Merchant performing his classic live at Carnival Dimanche Gras in 1985.

Pan in Danger performed by Merchant at Carnival Dimanche Gras in 1985

And of course , the classic Clive Bradley arrangement as performed by Tokyo Steel Orchestra at Panorama Finals 1985.

Merchant’s “Pan in Danger” by Tokyo , arranged by Bradley

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