The beauty of a skilled steelband bass player featuring Kwesi Moore.

The closest I’ve ever got to playing the bass in a steelband was the tenor bass ( I also played the cello pan ), but I’ve always loved the bass section, admiring the beautiful, fluid movements of a skilled bass player, and the powerful sound of the bass as it vibrated in your body.

For lovers of the steelband bass section, and even the curious, this video is a treat.
Taken from the players perspective, the video shows the player mastering not the usual six , or even the nine pan bass.

Kwesi Moore

Instead, bassist Kwesi Moore demonstrates his skills on Desperadoes Steel Orchestra’s unique twelve pan bass , during a performance of their panorama winning tune, ” Different me” of a few years ago.
We’ve gotten accustomed to seeing lead pan players – tenors and seconds – demonstrating their skills, but here is a different perspective.

To really appreciate this and to get some idea of the feel of a being inside a large steelband , you should listen to this on a quality multimedia system , if possible.

A fine individual performance video!

12 Bass View! Desperadoes – Different Me – Panorama 2016 Champs in Concert

Another player perspective from the same band is that of the talented “Rocket Pan” player ,Cherylee Legair , performing at the annual Panorama steelband competition.

Check it out !

Desperadoes – Different Me (Panorama 2016, Rocket Pan featuring Cherylee Legair)

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra – Different me

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra performs their winning selection “Different Me” at the Queen’s Park Savannah, prior to going on stage at Panorama Finals 2016.

The tune “Different Me” was composed by Jovan James, sung by 5Star Akil and arranged by Carlton ‘Zanda” Alexander

BTW , before I ruffle any feathers , by no means am I inferring that the twelve bass is unique to Desperadoes Steel Orchestra.

I mean that the pan itself is unique or special if you prefer.

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