The Panorama Story as told musically by The Grand Master , Lord Kitchener

For the longest while I’ve wanted to create a post featuring the Panorama Story, as seen through the eyes of The Grand Master of Calypso , Lord Kitchener.

However , I was struggling to find the appropriate words , until I realized there was no need; I would let the Grand Master speak for himself in his own words via his lyrics, and I would just be the selector and guide.

Lord Kitchener’s “Is de Pan in me” tells a story that we old time pan players can appreciate!

Though Kitchener’s panorama vision is more applicable to the era in which these songs were written, to a certain extent the story is still relevant today.

This is the story.

The Preparation

The selection of the panorama tune is an important part of the steelband’s preparation for the competition, and throughout his career , the Grand Master ensured that every year he provided a viable musical option for the steelbands and their arrangers.

Here , Kitchener explains his process in creating a tune to appeal to the steelbands,

Pan in A Minor was one of the most popular steelband tunes ever , a favorite of steelbands worldwide


The Anticipation

As the competition nears , anticipation rises , and Kitchener says , “It won’t be long before the crowd tells you who is the hardest , who is the baddest…..”

Sweet Pan !


The Semi Finals

If you – your steelband -want to make the finals , the Grand Master advises in a live performance that you must be a Heavy Roller!

If you want to make it to the Finals , then you must be a Heavy Roller, advises Kitch


Prelude to the big event – Two days to go !

It’s two days before the big event and tension is rising in town as the competition nears its climax.

Let Kitch describe the events.

Two to go ! Two days before the panorama climax

Meanwhile , Offstage at Panorama

It’s panorama night , and there’s hanky panky going on in the savannah between a young lady called Mildred and one of those roguish steelband captains. Unfortunately , Mildred ended up losing her “belongings” 🙂

What happened on Panorama Night ( and it wasn’t about pan!)


The Climax – Panorama Final Night !

Finally , the highly anticipated night has arrived.

The Grand Master tells the story of the Final Night performances , and no one has ever done it better.

This is actually the eventful Finals of the year 1990 , when Ken “Professor ” Philmore (and Fonclaire) dropped the ultimate performance of his career, his classic “Pan by Storm”.

This one is called Pan Dingolay

The lord kitchener – pan dingolay

 The Aftermath

To some, the Panorama final night is the climax of the most important act of the Carnival , but for many we still have two days of the carnival street parade to enjoy.

At the stroke of midnight on Carnival Tuesday night, however it’s all over , and Ash Wednesday ushers in the solemn season of Lent.

As usual , Lord Kitchener, the Grand Master of Calypso has the last word, as he almost mounrfully informs us that “The Carnival is Over”.

lord kitchener – the carnival is over


This live performance of the classic “Pan in A Minor” features The Grand Master , Lord Kitchener accompanied by our beloved steelpan icon Ken “professor” Philmore. This blog post is dedicated to the memory of them both.

May they Rest In Peace.


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