Soca ,Music videos and the steelband panorama

I still maintain that modern soca music, while quite enjoyable as party music is not quite suited to bring out the real sweetness of the pan , leaving it up to the arrangers to almost perform musical miracles to create a pleasing panorama performance.
Having said that, I must compliment the soca artists of today for their high quality videos that have made this year’s crop of soca music easier to enjoy and appreciate.

My favorite 2019 soca video

Like I said last year, the soca genre is maturing, which usually happens as artists grow older.
This will also greatly help in the appreciation of the panorama arrangements,since, because of those videos, some of us who are no longer party people can enjoy the soca , and even better, we can understand and appreciate the panorama arrangements.
This is indeed a positive development for the culture.

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