Panorama music and Progress

My dear friends and pan lovers , some more thoughts on the progress of our beloved art-form.
Whenever we discuss the panorama , I always advocate that we remove all restrictions from arrangers as far as their choices of their selections whether old or new , foreign or local.
This is not meant to disrespect modern panorama composers.
It is simply my belief that complex arrangements of relatively unknown tunes may appeal to us as pan aficionados .
However , they do little to expose the art-form to casual fans , less sophisticated audiences , especially foreign , or even local.
The type of people , mostly among the young who party , attend shows and buy music.
Since panorama music has become the main focus of steelbands, and just about the only modern steelband music available, the art-form has had little impact on pop culture.

The proof is in the pudding.
There has been a plethora of quality panorama recordings available for decades now , but that music has done little to expand the appeal of the art-form to general audiences.

The” Pan in the 21st century ” concept was a great idea , but was held as secondary to the panorama and never fully developed, or taken as seriously.

Of course in life there are no guarantees , but I would suggest a more relaxed approach to panorama music may widen the appeal of the art-form, and be a potential boost to the steelpan culture.

Have you ever noticed how , regardless of genre , whenever a band plays a highly arranged tune , the audience applauds  once the tune is recognized ?

That is no fluke !

A panorama winning arrangement of a chart topping hit, perhaps ?

I mean , who knows ?

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