More thoughts on a steel-pan players union in T&T

And while we’re keeping it real , here is some more food for thought…

I am of the opinion that the government of T&T is reasonably happy with Pan Trinbago , even though of course they would like it to be run honestly , efficiently and with transparency.
Because ,unlike some of the crazies on WST who seem to believe that Pan Trinbago is an arm of the PNM , I happen to think that Pan Trinbago is serving its main purpose , which is to keep pan people from becoming a political block , a special interest pressure group.
This means that they serve a useful purpose for all governments regardless of parties , which is one reason they will always be funded , regardless of which party is in power.

And that is the reason there will never be a steel-pan union ; no government will sanction it.
I’m sure someone realized the problems a pan players union could cause , and though it may not have been the only reason , it is a valid one why they instituted the change from a union to a corporation in the first place.

Why should any sane government allow a a pan players union to be re-created ?
To have hundreds of disgruntled pan people in the streets under a union banner ?
I think not.

I certainly won’t if I was in government , and since a union has to be sanctioned by government , I certainly cannot see politicians doing that.
THey may talk , but will find all kind of ways not to allow it to happen.
So pan people , all that talk about unions?
Just wishfull thinking.
These other folks who make plans are way ahead of you all !

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