A Pope , A Duke , A King – The legend of calypsonian Kelvin Pope , The Mighty Duke

Kelvin Pope aka the Mighty Duke  was born in  Point Fortin , Trinidad in 1932. He was a former school teacher  who left a career working at Shell Oil to perform as a calypsonian.

duke 1

He began his career in the 1950s at the Southern Brigade Calypso Tent. and relocated to Port of Spain in 1964 to perform at the Original Young Brigade Calypso tent.

He was the only calypsonian to win the National Calypso Monarch title for four years straight.


In 1968 he won with “What Is Calypso” and “Social Bacchanal”, in 1969 with “Black Is Beautiful” and “One Foot Visina”, then in 1970 singing “Brotherhood of Man” and “See Through” and finally, in 1971 he won the competition performing “Mathematical Formula” and “Melvina & Yvonne”.


Though he was noted for exploring ideas such as black consciousness, apartheid, and global politics in his lyrics , he was considered one of our most humorous calypsonians , delving into the oddities of local life and culture and reporting them as he saw it, with a chuckle in his voice and a twinkle in his eye.


The Duke was tall and handsome and one of the best dressed calypsonians , and he commanded the stage with his demeanor , his presence and most of all his engaging personality and humorous lyrics.

In 1970, he was awarded the Silver Hummingbird Medal for his contribution to calypso.

In 1987, he won the Road March prize, with his calypso hit “Thunder”.


The Mighty Duke died on 14 January 2009, aged 76, in St. Clair, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago of myelofibrosis, which he had been battling for five years.

The Mighty Duke was one of the many voices pleading for the end of apartheid in South Africa

In this one , the Duke explains his prowess as a lover , saying he’s a “Woop Wap man”

He can best explain 🙂

The Mighty Duke – The “Woop Wap” Man

Kelvin Pope, better known as The Mighty Duke (1932 – 14 January 2009)

May he Rest in Peace.

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