Soca music in the mainstream

Many Trinidadians have been hoping / expecting that Trini style soca will eventually “cross over” into mainstream music as an identifiable genre , like calypso or reggae.
Well , IMHO , I think they will be disappointed , because soca is already mainstream , but as a sub-genre of modern pop music.
So you hear soca everywhere , in movie sound tracks , TV and radio commercials , and even occasional songs by pop stars.
As further evidence , I’ve come across several video tutorials on YouTube that teaches the art of soca drumming.
Since soca is all about the rhythm , these tutorials make the soca rhythm a universal one.
And so , as a result , we have the sound of modern soca , that can easily be copied and reproduced by musicians everywhere.
Resulting in major international pop hits like this.

One thought on “Soca music in the mainstream

  1. Good observation. I think its up to our soca artists whenever they have an international hit to educate the generally mainstream public about the soca beat that is being regularly used in pop music these days but is usually not labelled as soca by the other mainstream artists.

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