Remembering Ken “Professor” Philmore

Dalton Narine pays his respect to the late steel-pan legend , Ken “Professor” Philmore



I’ve learned that both Pan by Storm and Pan Ecstasy became favorites of Panorama enthusiasts over the years.

For me, it has been instant gratification that both back to back performances (1990-1991) have taken a-hold of the culture, and so Panorama audiences have yet to let them go.

Why should they?


Fonclaire Steel Orchestra – Ken professor Philmore’s ” Pan by Storm” live at the 1990 Panorama Finals

Fonclaire Steel Orchestra – Ken professor Philmore’s ” Pan Ecstacy” live at the 1991 Panorama Finals

In the annals of the competition, great bands have made their mark on the wooden stage, but Professor’s intimacy with audiences as well as his extraordinary music just seemed to interact with everyone’s panoramic mood.

Fonclaire Steel Orchestra – Ken professor Philmore’s ” Pan Ecstasy” ( Audio version)

Look, It’s easy to find such ingredients at work — for the common elements of music are pitch, which governs melody and harmony; rhythm, including tempo, meter and enunciation; dynamics (loud and soft); and the distinctive fingerprints of a band’s sonic pleasure; i.e. the standard and quality of timbre and texture or color of its sound.


Dalton Narine interviews Professor after “the Storm”. “He sensed where I was going with the interview , and took it there” , Narine said.


All of this hot, hot heat ramajays into Philmore’s Panorama sounds.

It was his knack for communicating not only with me but also everyone who appreciated his beat, which, of course, was his heart.

No wonder audiences fell in love with his sound.

Dalton Narine interviews Ken “Professor” Philmore after Fonclaire’s performance at Panorama Finals 1991


Ever notice how when he lit it up, his music  could be made to dance like a will-o’-the-wisp in the dark?

It certainly resonated like that among all the instruments, particularly the lower pans.

He deserved all the accolades, and more.

May he Rest in Peace. 

3 thoughts on “Remembering Ken “Professor” Philmore

  1. The work of musical supremacy;A cultural giant and true Son of the Soil,Gone too soon;May he rest in eternal Peace.Thanks for the Music


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