The Lord Brigo, another unsung calypso legend

lord brigo

To those knowledgeable about the calypso art-form , the late Samuel Abraham, the Lord Brigo , was certainly a legend , whose unique style and delivery placed him among the greats , even going back to the golden age of traditional calypso , the sixties.
Here is Brigo performing the original version of his classic kaiso hit , “Mama Popo” .

With his typical humor, the Lord Brigo tells the sad but humorous story of his childhood, and his painful relationship to his mother.


With all the jokes he made about his “good looks”, one can easily overlook calypsonian Lord Brigo’s talents.

Indeed he was an outstanding calypsonian and kaiso lyricist, one of the best of his era.

Here , the Lord Brigo comments on the fact that many men in relationships do not like to be treated the way they treat their women.

In local Trini slang, “Do so eh like so”.

From the 1998 concert album “Raw Kaiso 2”, here is “Do so eh like so”.


We are most fortunate to have this live audio recording of the entire track of the Lord Brigo in concert at the Raw Kaiso concert of 1998, which includes live performances of his hits , including “Mama Popo”, courtesy Edward Spencer.

Brigo performing his hits at the Raw Kaiso 2 concert of 1998

Samuel Abraham , The Lord Brigo died on Tuesday May 16, 2017.
He was 76.
May he Rest In Peace.

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