Lord Commander ,”the thinking man’s calypsonian “

.Lord Commander is a good example of the calypsonians of the fifties and sixties who placed as much emphasis on thoughtful lyrics as the did to music and rhythm.

Commander was considered the “the thinking man’s calypsonian”, since his calypsos provided a thoughtful argument that reflected a distinct point of view.

Here , Commander argues that “Police should be merry when somebody violate the law,
because that’s what the government paying them for”.


Lord Commander – “No Crime , No Law “

Incidentally , this classic was covered with and interesting version by a French band.
You should also check in out.




“You Can’t Finish Pleasing people”

In this classic , Commander advises that it’s not wise to try to satisfy everyone , suggests that he will live his life to only suit himself , “and , to hell with everybody ” !


Lord Commander -” You can’t finish pleasing people “

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