R.I.P Dr. Elliot “Ellie” Mannette

Pan pioneer Ellie Mannette has died. He was 90.

Born Elliot Mannette in San Souci, Trinidad on November 5, 1927, Mannette passed away on Wednesday August 29 , 2018 at a hospital in West Virginia, USA.

As long as the art-form related to the steel-pan endures , the name Ellie Mannette will not be forgotten.
Considered by many to be the Father of the modern steel-pan , he is one of the key contributors to the creation of the the steel-pan as we know it today.
His contributions have earned him the right to be placed atop the Mt. Olympus of steel-pan pioneers , innovators and creators.
His invaluable contributions to the art form will always be remembered.

Dr. Elliot ” Ellie” Mannette ( Nov. 5th , 1927 – Aug. 29th 2018 )

Rest in Peace ,  Ellie Mannette.


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