Pan people must “fix” Pan Trinbago , not wait for the government or courts to do it for them.

I hate to say this guys , but while steelband issues should be of concern to the entire nation of T&T , Pan Trinbago issues are for Pan people to solve.
And we have no choice .
Pan Trinbago is a private corporation , albeit mostly funded by tax payers, that was created by pan people and incorporated by an act of parliament to manage the finances and affairs of the steelbands.
Therefore , the government cannot and will not intervene in the corporation’s affairs , unless there is a clear case of criminal activity.
And mismanagement of funds, even if it looks a bit shady , may signify incompetence , but is certainly not proof of any crimes.
This is why I’ve said that there may be too much focus on financial improprieties by all concerned individuals ( Including the CIP) , instead of on mismanagement and poor leadership in general.
And is why I keep mentioning the corporation’s mandate , which most of you all chose to ignore.
The mandate gives Pan Trinbago the power and rights to spend the funding in just about any way the see fit ,
“Powers given in the act include:
1. Acquire land or any estate or interest in land.
2. Accept subventions and donations and manage and invest all moneys belonging to Pan Trinbago ”
That means simply that they have the right to accept all steelband funds , and spent those funds any way they wish.
Remember those cars everyone was so upset about ?
I would bet that PT had the right legally to purchase them , at least in the financial accounting.
The act by parliament to incorporate and its mandate gave them those powers , folks.

How in God’s name can anyone find fraud when you have given the organization (and the executive ) the right to do whatever they wish with the money?
Pan people have only one option , and that is to use the electoral process to replace the entire executive board with reliable , honest individuals , and make the necessary changes to the constitution and the mandate from within.

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