How pan people gave away their (potential ) political power….

I once heard a quote to the effect that those who don’t make plans are always surprised by those who do , especially by those who plan for the long term .
It occurred to me that someone far wiser than me realized the political danger of an uncontrolled steelband movement , and thought it best to take measures to control it.
They quickly recognized the disruptive political potential of an organized steelband interest group , and sought ways to neutralize it.
Even Dr. Williams , back in the day tried to control the steelbands by forming personal relationships with some of the more powerful leaders , like Rudolf Charles , for instance.
For the purpose of this discussion , one cannot forget that Pan Trinbago was incorporated by Act of Parliament, 5 of 1986, but was formerly operated and was registered as a Union representing the interest of steelpan players
My point is , I would bet that had Pan Trinbago remained a UNION , pan people would have gotten their money , and even more , and I’ll tell you why.
A UNION can call a strike , but they can also call for mass demonstrations.
A CORPORATION , however cannot do that.
A corporation also cannot be involved in direct political action and deliver votes , like a union can.
Can you imagine if Pan Trinbago as a UNION were to call for mass demonstrations for days In Port of Spain , and threaten to form a voting block against the government ?
Government will be forced to deal.
A demonstration of thousands of angry pan people in downtown Port of Spain , in the middle of the day would definitely force the government’s hand , and someone foresaw that possibility.
And so someone convinced pan people it was to their interest to change from a union to a corporation , and we ended up with an ineffective corporate organization called Pan Trinbago.
Someone’s long term plans have born fruit !

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