Thoughts about things in general : Social , Cultural and Political

I’ve been told on many occasions by friends that I should do some serious writing , even consider writing a book.
I’m highly honored that they should think so highly of me , But I think I’m not qualified , since I really don’t think I have the depth of wisdom and experience for such a project.
However , I’ve collected some of my writings , mostly from notes on Facebook , and put them in a blog that will be available for those interested , but who are not on social media.
If you subscribe to this channel , I assume that you share my love for , and interest in Trinidadian and Caribbean culture.
So , anyone interested in my opinions , mostly on the subject of my Trinidadian culture , could check my blog which is mostly about culture .
If you’re interested in more general topics , check out these pages , which offer a wider range of my thoughts – social,  cultural , political and  maybe even a little religion.