Police in T&T seeking advice from Rudy Giuliani? I hope not!

From time to time, I’ve heard of police officials of T&T seeking to learn about urban policing from Donald Trump’s lawyer and media mouthpiece Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City.

I hope this is not the case.

The historical records show that the tactics employed by the police under Giuliani, particularly the “stop and frisk” tactics that targeted mostly black and Hispanic young men were aggressive, ineffective, humiliating and inherently racist.

Much of the policing was based on racist fear and assumptions of young minority males, with no effort to understand or empathize with the minority communities, and resulted in police brutality against minorities that was an impetus behind the formation of “Black Lives Matter”.

And ironically, statistics show a reduction in crime in the entire US in the 1990s, and many believe that crime reduction at that time in New York City was more a result of social, economic and demographic changes of that era than of Guiliani’s “get tough” policies.


With little or no knowledge or understanding of the cultural, historical and socio-economic realities of T&T, it is difficult to see how Giuliani could be of any assistance in dealing with the crime situation in Trinidad.

This editorial from the New York Times gives more information about Giuliani’s view on policing, and the results.

One thought on “Police in T&T seeking advice from Rudy Giuliani? I hope not!

  1. That New York thing is quite right I lived there during that time. Think about two names Gavin Cato who never got justice and Abner Louima, oh boy! But my specialty is Pan.!


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