Andrew Marcano, The Lord Superior .

The Lord Superior was another of our calypso legends.   Hailing from Rio Claro in Trinidad , he was a two time winner of the South Calypso crown , and a finalist ( forth place ) in the National competition.

Dr. Andrew Marcano, The Lord Superior was one of our most beloved calypsonians , fondly referred to as “Supie”.

Superior made his debut in 1954 at age 16 singing a hit song entitled “Coconut” at the Victory Calypso Tent in Port of Spain,  as the youngest calypsonian to perform locally.

He was  the first to perform at the Madison Square Gardens, in New York, USA, and the first to produce a full-length calypso musical.

He retired from active competition in 1975 after winning the South title on two occasions and placing fourth in the Calypso King competition in Port-of-Spain. He travelled the globe frequently with the Lord Kitchener and Lord Melody, and was a regular performer in the US Virgin Islands for a number of years. 

In this thought provoking entry , Supie argues that the expression “crime doesn’t pay” isn’t applicable in Trinidadian society.

Lord Superior – “Crime Pays”

In this live performance Supie takes a humorous look at white people and their marital relationships.

Lord Superior -“White Man Wife”

As a southerner , he enthusiastically promotes the San Fernando Carnival in this popular tune from 1973.

Lord Superior -“San Fernando Carnival”

    In this self deprecating bit of humor from the early sixties, a woman explains to Superior why she loves him.  

From the 1960 album “Top Calypsonians”, here is “Calypso Love”  

Lord Superior “Calypso Love”

Supported by the fine musical accompaniment of the Art DeCoteau Orchestra, Lord Superior sings praises to the uniqueness of the Trinidad Carnival.

Lord Superior – “Trinidad Carnival “

Before he died , Superior was honored by being awarded The Trinidad & Tobago Humming Bird Silver Medal (for Calypso) in 2015 , and an Honorary Doctorate of Letters, from the University of the West Indies in 2017.

Dr. Andrew Marcano, The Lord Superior passed away on November 24, 2018, in New York, USA, after a long illness. 

May he Rest in Peace.


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