Fonclaire Steel Orchestra – Lord Kitchener’s “Pan Here to Stay”

An arrangement by Ken “Professor ‘’ Philmore and Milton “Wire” Austin

Panorama Finals 1986 featured this bouncy arrangement of Lord Kitchener’s “Pan Here to Stay” arranged by the late Ken “Professor” Philmore and Milton “Wire” Austin, who has also recently passed..fanclaire 2

This performance of the Grand Master’s classic calypso remains one of my favorite Panorama performances by Fonclaire Steel Orchestra, a band that for decades has been the steelpan standard bearer for South Trinidad

It also reminds me of the “South Band Sound” of the nineteen sixties and seventies as arranged by the likes of Lennox “Bobby” Mohammed, Steve Achaiba, Milton “Wire” Austin and of course, our arranger from Marabella Michael Alleyne (Scarlet Symphony).

Lord Kitchener – Pan Here to Stay ( arranged by Leston Paul )

Back then the bands had regional sounds, before they started using the same arrangers and tuners, as they do today.

The bass arrangements were done by Milton “Wire” Austin himself, while Professor did the front line arrangements.

That’s where that “South band” sound came from and no wonder, since Wire saw a veteran San Fernando panman and arranger from way back..

This arrangement of Kitch’s “Pan here to Stay” was a classic Fonclaire “south band style” arrangement which earned third place in the competition, and forever demonstrated that Professor had secured a place among the arranging giants of the art-form.

Fonclaire Steel Orchestra- Kitch’s ” Pan Here to Stay” ( Panorama Finals 1986)
Ken “Professor” Philmore passed away after a tragic auto accident on September 30th, 20 18.
Milton “Wire ” Austin passed away on December 20th, 2020
May they both Rest in Eternal Peace.

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