Five Takeaways from the 2018 Republic Day J’ouvert jump-up held in Woodbrook , Trinidad

1) Trinis love pan , and always will.
It’s in their DNA

2) Steelbands have their own rhythm and tempo , and that doesn’t mean trying to keep pace with the DJs.
(Incidentally , this was always the case . even when we had brass bands on the road , back in the day)

3) Modern soca music does not bring out the sweetness of pan.
As much as the arrangers try, the relative “lightness ” of the tunes make them boring after a while , even though arrangers try their best to enhance the music with musical tricks , gimmicks and “razzle dazzle”.

4) The music best suited for pan at the calypso tempo are old school calypsos ( that were created to be played on pan , back in the day when steel-bands ruled) , ballads , classics and show-tunes of yesteryear.
It is why arrangers return to these tried and true tunes of old , because they bring out the true “pan vibration”.
BTW , there are many old school calypsos that would be sweet on the pan , but were never really popular , back in the day.
With a little research of old calypso catalogs , I would bet arrangers could find some relatively unfamiliar musical gems.

5) I don’t care what anyone says , the traditional steelband street parade ( pan on the road ) in the best way to demonstrate and enjoy the power , the sweetness , the vibration of the steel-band.


If and when we ever get real about tourism as an integral part of the economy ,a way must be found to make the steel-band  the centerpiece of the carnival parade.
It is our most valuable cultural asset.

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