On the subject of Religion

Since so many are concerned about my spirituality and may be curious about it, I will give you an answer.
This would be the first time I’ve actually publicly mentioned this , since I usually do not discuss religion.

Though I’m technically Episcopalian (Anglican) I follow no religion , since I do believe that once man decided there was a Creator , he decided on ways to explain / exploit it , not necessarily with the purest of motives.

So , he crafted religion out of existing mythology and some history , and based on the social mores of the time.

It was soon obvious that because of fear of the unknown , especially in perilous times, religion had the potential to exercise power over the masses.

Of course , any study of actual history will show us how monarchs and church leaders through the centuries used religion to control and manipulate the people.

Having said that I think spirituality is an indispensable part of a person’s make-up, since it also provides a moral compass.

And , don’t get me wrong , I can admit that in many instances religious institutions have benefited society , many perform charitable functions , educating the young and providing a source of spiritual and moral guidance and enlightenment.

But I see myself as a spiritual being, and my spirituality is simple .

I believe in the existence of the Creator, since the alternative is creation out of chaos .

I do not have to try very hard to see evidence of the Creator’s power and glory , its all around me.

I also happen to believe that the Christ was the Creator’s messenger and I try to follow the teachings .

I base this belief entirely of my reading of the actual teachings of the Christ ( especially the Beatitudes) , its beauty and purity , and aspire to live by them , though one can only aspire , with varying degrees of success.

I certainly do not get bogged down in questions about his divinity , date of birth etc.

That’s where religion comes in , and why I find it irrelevant.

The importance of the Christ to me is really in the message.

And I definitely do not call myself “Christian” since I find that I have little in common with so many that do.

Because the message of the Christ is not theoretical.

Look at many so called Christians ; they attend church , raise their hands in the air , shout Hallelujah and mumble in tongues.

But , look around, there is a lot of injustice out there ; are they really living up to the words of the Gospel they claim to follow ?

Over the years , I’ve found that in times of distress my prayers have always been answered , for which I’m humble and thankful.

Far be it for me to argue with anyone about their religion , or spiritual choices ; everyone has the right to chose his own beliefs.

And I definitely would not proselytize.

But my belief system works for me.

So my religious friends , please let me be.

2 thoughts on “On the subject of Religion

  1. No offense, but whenever I hear words or phrases pertaining to ” leave me/us alone,” or in your case: “please let me be,” I know that there is a negative spirit involved.
    Another phrase, like: “my truth,” or “it works for me” as you stated, points to religiosity.

    It’s nice to appreciate the Word of Yeshua (“Yeshua”), yet as a person not seeing your prose by accident, by the love of God, I need to tell you a secret…
    “You must be born again.”
    Because religion sucks and will guide you gently into the exact condition and location where you do not want to spend eternity.
    You say That appreciate what Yeshua says but then you say that you never “proselytize.”
    Well, Yeshua says for us to give the Good News to folks. Like, why wouldn’t you?
    My friend, become “saved.” Then you understand how vital it is. God is not a secret. People everywhere need to be free and their ain forgiven. Religions of the world won’t help them in this regard, which is why Yeshua came here in the first place, to be a proposition for our sin; to defeat it in the flesh!
    AND. HE. DID! WHEW!😅
    Please allow me to ahhh, ‘lift my hands.’ 🙋🙌👐🙋

    Forget all the denominations. Be free in Yeshua Hamashiach and receive the baptism in Ruach HaKodesh (“Holy Spirit”), then you can speak to the Lord God spirit to Spirit (1st Cor. 14:2).
    If you are sincere, you won’t be “mumbling,” you’ll be speaking a language you were never taught and receiving divine downloads on countless things God wants you to know (check 1st Cor. 2).
    Please don’t play with your eternal existence.
    It’s not about intellect or being a so-called good person. It’s about our sin being forgiven. Sin comes with a price and will be paid for.
    It’s just a question of who pays.

    Instead of criticizing the Saints from outside looking in, how about becoming one and helping us from the inside out?
    Religion sucks. Relationship saves!
    Apostle Dr. Reginald K. Gee


  2. No offense taken.
    I’ve expressed my perspective, and you’ve expressed yours.
    Mine works for me and has brought me joy and comfort over the years , as I’m sure yours does for you.
    In the end, no one really has the truth.
    It’s all based on one’s faith, beliefs and some speculation.


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