On the subject of Religion

Since so many are concerned about my spirituality and may be curious about it, I will give you an answer.
This would be the first time I’ve actually publicly mentioned this , since I usually do not discuss religion.

Though I’m technically Episcopalian (Anglican) I follow no religion , since I do believe that once man decided there was a Creator , he decided on ways to explain / exploit it , not necessarily with the purest of motives.

So , he crafted religion out of existing mythology and some history , and based on the social mores of the time.

It was soon obvious that because of fear of the unknown , especially in perilous times, religion had the potential to exercise power over the masses.

Of course , any study of actual history will show us how monarchs and church leaders through the centuries used religion to control and manipulate the people.

Having said that I think spirituality is an indispensable part of a person’s make-up, since it also provides a moral compass.

And , don’t get me wrong , I can admit that in many instances religious institutions have benefited society , many perform charitable functions , educating the young and providing a source of spiritual and moral guidance and enlightenment.

But I see myself as a spiritual being, and my spirituality is simple .

I believe in the existence of the Creator, since the alternative is creation out of chaos .

I do not have to try very hard to see evidence of the Creator’s power and glory , its all around me.

I also happen to believe that the Christ was the Creator’s messenger and I try to follow the teachings .

I base this belief entirely of my reading of the actual teachings of the Christ ( especially the Beatitudes) , its beauty and purity , and aspire to live by them , though one can only aspire , with varying degrees of success.

I certainly do not get bogged down in questions about his divinity , date of birth etc.

That’s where religion comes in , and why I find it irrelevant.

The importance of the Christ to me is really in the message.

And I definitely do not call myself “Christian” since I find that I have little in common with so many that do.

Because the message of the Christ is not theoretical.

Look at many so called Christians ; they attend church , raise their hands in the air , shout Hallelujah and mumble in tongues.

But , look around, there is a lot of injustice out there ; are they really living up to the words of the Gospel they claim to follow ?

Over the years , I’ve found that in times of distress my prayers have always been answered , for which I’m humble and thankful.

Far be it for me to argue with anyone about their religion , or spiritual choices ; everyone has the right to chose his own beliefs.

And I definitely would not proselytize.

But my belief system works for me.

So my religious friends , please let me be.

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