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My dear friends ,as you may have noticed , most of my recent posts have been links that redirect to my blog.
There is a reason for that.
Since most of my posts are about my Trinidadian arts and culture , I find that the blog gives me more freedom to express myself , since I can edit my blog more effectively than I can on social media, and make it’s content more enjoyable.
You would notice that I use videos and photos much more in my blog , in a way that I cannot do on social media.
So , even if the post is something that was on Facebook in the past , the blog version would be different and hopefully more entertaining and informative.
And , the blog is a work in progress , so feel free to check it out at any time , since I will try to update and add to it as often as possible.
And by the way the purpose of the blog is purely in support of our culture , and to occasionally share my thoughts and ideas.
There is no financial incentive involved.
So far , my efforts to promote and inform about the culture have been well received , and I do appreciate that.
Thank you , my friends.

Welcome to my culture and entertainment blog

  • I Remember Polio …

    October 2, 2021 by

    I recently celebrated my 76th birthday, and as a child growing up in Trinidad in the 1950s, I remember the sadness of children paralyzed by polio.
    I also remember outbreaks of measles and mumps and even chickenpox which , though not eliminated has been under control for decades, and it’s occurrence dramatically reduced.

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