Crazy thoughts- a salute to the calypsonian called “Crazy “

My dear friends, as a lover of the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, lately I’ve been having “Crazy “ thoughts.

I’ve been thinking of the contributions made to our culture by the only Chinese/Venezuelan Trinidadian calypsonian I’m aware of, Edwin Ayoung, the man we know as Crazy.

Ayoung was born in 1944 at Maraval Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad, one of eleven children to a Chinese Trinidadian father and an Afro-Venezuelan mother.

Whenever we speak of the greatest proponents of the calypso art-form, his name is almost never brought up.

I think it should be.

I decided to show the man some respect and appreciation , and give him some props ( before he or I passes, since we’re about the same age 😊).

I will not try to list the man’s musical accomplishments ( you can Google them), except to say that of the thousands of calypsonians active in the twentieth century, Crazy was named as one of the top 50 calypsonians of the 20th century by the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO).

Crazy can also be credited with creating the parang soca genre, and helping to popularize chutney soca with his 1989 hit , Nani Wine.

Crazy – Nani Wine

In 1982, he finished joint second at Road March with “Uncle Crazy”. In 1984 he became one of the first soca artists to perform at Reggae Sunsplash.

He won Road March in 1985 with “Suck Meh Soucouyant”, and finished as runner-up in 1989.

I personally have enjoyed Crazy’s music and performances, and I remember going to Trinidad in 1985 and it seemed like the entire country was begging “Suck me, socouyant “, because of his hit that year.

Crazy _ Such meh, socouyant

And , who can forget Trinidad All Stars rousing version of this classic , as arranged by Leon “Smooth” Edwards.

That’s Crazy himself , waving the flag!

Trinidad All Stars _ Socouyant

Apart from his music, Crazy has also acted on stage and has toured with the Trinidad All Theatre Productions’ company.

And incidentally, his classic “In time to come “, a composition by the great calypso composer Winsford Devine from the year 2000, is one for the ages !

Crazy – In Time to Come

And here’s the full audio version

Crazy – In Time to Come (Full audio version)

So, this is a long overdue salute to Mr. Edwin Ayoung, the calypsonian known as Crazy.

Much respect and best wishes, my friend, and may you have a healthy, happy and contented future!

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